We live in the age of tablets and smartphones, when ergonomics and ease of use of programs or consumer electronic devices is developing to an unseen level. So why do we still have to fight every day with complicated and often illogical menu structures of machines in the industry? We have tested different injection molding machine control systems from different producers and realised that it is necessary to go through at least 15 pages for several times to set up a complete production cycle for a new mold. Even operating a machine manually can be sometimes tricky. Often you have to select a function on the screen, than use an hardware button to execute it, than select an other function etc. Try doing this for 20 times in a row… On the other side, software buttons for machine functions lack feedback and have often a significant delay.


Therefore we created our own universal control system for injection molding machines, the ICON. A system which could be fitted to any machine, no matter of the drive type, or if processing rubber or plastic. We had just the following goals in mind:

• Real tablet like use
• Simple, self-explaining menu structure
• Simple and fast operation in manual mode
• Advanced data collection and analysis functions
• So far unseen speed and accuracy
• Appealing modern design of the hardware and software




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