The demanding needs on automation require nowadays complex systems which very often can be achieved only with the help of industrial robots. Therefore we cooperate with different robot producers and integrate their robots in to our production solutions.


One of the special fields we are working on is the robotic vision. For this purpose we intensively cooperate with the company Photoneo, which is developing state of the art 3D scanners, mainly for automation solutions. Wether it is picking of randomly arranged parts from a container (bin-picking) or mold scanning for possible contamination to ensure fault free automatic production, the robotic vision and 3D scanning systems become more and more important for automation solutions since the need to automate even smaller production quantities and therefore create flexible automation solutions is growing.

We use 3D scanners for following tasks:
Bin-picking (picking of randomly arranged parts from a container)
-mold inserts scanning for presence and position check
-mold scanning for possible contamination or foreign bodies
-product scanning for 100% quality assurance check

All these tasks can be integrated in to our newly developed 3-cell. A modular robotic system with integrated control unit for 3D scanning tasks which can be easily adapted to any production system or robot type.